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a foodnmore food tangent: new jersey politics as usual

July 23, 2009

A rabbi, mayor, and real estate developer walk into a bar. No, really…

This isn’t a political blog.  You know that.  I know that.  Sure my colors, thoughts, and opinions are peppered throughout, but that’s part of the blog and sudo-journalist environment.  And sure, this is a food blog -98.5% through and through.

Taking advantage of that 1.5% tangent:  you probably heard and/or read that the Hudson County, NJ and North Jersey political machine is, once again, up to its usual ‘business’.  Amongst many allegations, the new Hoboken, NJ mayor, 30 something year old Peter ‘I owe years of support on my bastard child’ Cammarano ($cammarano), and 43 other characters including at least 3 rabbis have been arrested on corruption and pay to play charges…why of course.

The $cam in cuffs.

The $cam in cuffs.

Putting things into perspective, I certainly didn’t vote for the $cam and his politics as usual scheme (all behind a façade, of course).  As discovered, the $cam took the super fast track to NJ political corruption stardom… a mere 22 days, not quite a month, into office.  To reiterate, the dude was mayor for 22 days before getting arrested on corruption charges.  Even for New Jersey this must break all previous records.

Within 150 votes of office, put his former running mate in charge, throw the $cam away for long, and let’s get on with politics 2.0.

Rant over.  Bring on the food.

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