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the future of food and food policy–what can we expect?

June 22, 2009

food n more warning:  this may be a snoozer to some of my readers.  Well, read anyway.

No two ways about it, our current food system is killing us.  As New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently pointed out, whether it’s the most recent and all too frequent E. coli contamination (today it’s cookie dough of all things), industrial farming that’s destroying the environment and pumping our livestock full of antibiotics (guess where those antibiotics find themselves?), tran fat larded ‘food product’, and fast food, the picture ain’t all that pretty.  Add to that, and contrary to what some say, organic food is both expensive and logistically speaking not an option for a good part of the population.

This is neither a liberal nor a conservative issue.  It’s not a big business vs. small business issue.  Rather, it’s an American (global?) issue that requires much thought and change.  Now, the $10,000 question is what change?  What should we do?  What say you?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

the future of food and food politics

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  1. lhgordon permalink
    June 22, 2009 8:48 pm

    Thanks for the dim sum kudos, I’m looking forward to further Chinatown exploration during the rest of my time here. Seems like you have some awesome recipes on this site, and other fun foodie things. I’ll have to peruse!

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