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homemade corn tortillas recipe -easy and better than the pre made stuff

June 20, 2009

While making your tortillas may be a bit extreme, they are SO much more favorable than the stuff you find in the mega mart.  They are a must in my tacos.  Anyway, try em’ once and you’ll be hooked.


Masa harina corn flour (can also be used for tamales)

Masa harina corn flour

Masa harina corn flour




For 3 small tortillas add about a cup of the masa harina to a bowl and add a pinch of salt.

Add enough water to create a dough that’s not tacky but not gritty either.  Kneed for a minute and divide into three equal sized balls.

One giant masa harina ball

One giant masa harina ball

Add saran wrap to a flat surface, add one of the dough balls to the center, and place another layer of saran wrap onto.

Wrap it.

Wrap it.

Using a flat pan mash the dough, creating a small, thick tortilla.  Using your hands work the dough out so it becomes larger and thinner.

Perfect size.

Smash it.

Add to a medium sized NON STICK pan over medium heat and cook for about 2-3 minutes per side.  You want to avoid browning the tortilla.

Cooking it up

Cook it.

Once cooked the tortillas will be fairly stiff –add to a plate and let them sit for a bit to help them become pliable.

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