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urban gardening -first tomatoes of the season

June 16, 2009

With what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain finally coming to an end I was able to take a peek at my 100% organic garden.  Urban garden, that is (useless Jeopardy trivia fact:  Hoboken, NJ is the 4th most densely populated incorporated area in the US, ahead of NYC).  Located in a 7+ hour full sun corner of my apartment’s backyard, the garden thrived last year.  In fact, much of the backyard was taken over by virulent tomato plants/beasts that seemingly grew by the hour.  Lessons learned:

1.  Spread things out a bit more

2.  Five tomato plants can provide sustenance for a small country

Anyway, this year’s garden contains thyme, jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers (for all that Jerk and Jamaican cooking), 3 hybrid tomato plants (don’t ask me their ‘official’ names), sweet basil, purple basil, mint, chocolate mint, and zucchini.  While things have been a bit slow courtesy of cloudy, cool, and rainy weather, the first tomatoes are at last growing.

The season's first tomatoes

The season's first tomatoes

Organic backyard garden.  Sure to grow...soon.

Organic backyard garden. Sure to grow...soon.

The backyard's 'better half'

The backyard's 'better half'

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