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mexican/new mexican roasted vegetables (calabacitas) –sweet, tasty, and smoky

June 15, 2009

I came up with this recipe last year and, after doing a google search, noticed that what I created is loosely recognized as calabacitas -a traditional dish of the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.  Fine, I still consider this my own original Mexican/New Mexican recipe.  Either way, grilling/roasting the vegetables brings out a sweet, toasty layer of flavor that, in my book, is a must.  For additional flavor add water soaked woods chips (I use mesquite) to your grill.  Read on.


2 medium sized zucchinis

1 medium sized red onion

3 fresh ears of corn

1 large poblano peppers

1 lime

2 TBS extra virgin olive oil

Garlic powder

Chili powder

Salt and pepper to taste


Cut the zucchini across (not lengthwise) into half inch pieces and remove the corn from the husks.  Brush with the olive oil, a splash of lime juice, and a pinch of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder.

Remove the skin from the red onion and cut a one inch section at its thickest part.  Make sure the cut runs parallel to the root (vs. through or perpendicular to it).

'Proper' cutting

'Proper' cutting

Add the seasoned zucchini slices, corn, red onion section, and poblano to a grill (if you have wood chips use em’) over medium/medium high heat.  Cook until the poblano is almost fully black and the rest of the vegetables just start to char.  Char=taste.  Taste=good.

Once it’s cooled off a bit remove the skin and seeds from the poblano and, along with the onion, cut into half inch pieces.  Add the sliced poblano, onion, and zucchini slices to a serving bowl.

Using a knife remove the corn from the husks and add to the aforementioned bowl.  Mix well.

Taste for seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, chili powder, lime juice) and adjust as needed.

Serve with:

Grilled meats covered with New Mexican green chili sauce, the best of Johnny Cash, and a hoppy IPA.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale would certainly work.

Mexican/New Mexican roasted vegetables -yum.

Mexican/New Mexican roasted vegetables -yum.

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