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alton brown’s good eats -10 reasons why it’s the best show (not just cooking show) on tv

June 13, 2009
  1. Good Eats and Alton Brown himself are entertaining
  2. It’s, gasp, educational all while being lighthearted
  3. It helps you think in new ways about food, individual ingredients, gadgets, and recipes
  4. It teaches food science
  5. It’s inspiring –who hasn’t made a Good Eats recipe?
  6. In the cooking show domain, it sure as hell beats America’s Test Kitchen and that ‘I have no off button’ person named Rachel Ray
  7. Puppets.  Nuff said.
  8. It’s inventive –nothing else like Good Eats on TV
  9. It’s gourmand but not food snobbery
  10. Alton’s a dork, but in a good way

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Hi, Alton Brown here.

Hi, Alton Brown here.

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